Calculating Beverage Amounts for Parties

A “Сockktail”  team will always help you to have a great party! Therefore, we offer you articles that will help you in organizing a party. How to calculate the required number of drinks for a party? Let's look together!

First, let's think about water. Once an hour one of your guests wants to drink a glass of clean water. Especially if you have grilled dishes with spices. Therefore, be sure to store a few gallons of water!



When you decide on the type of party, you will already understand the composition of the guests and their tastes, you can make an approximate list of necessary drinks.

On average, an adult drinks 3-4 servings of 4 ounces of a drink for three hours of lunch. If your lunch include games or the weather is warm and sunny, it means more drinks.



In any case, bottled plastic drinks are better to buy with a margin. If they stay, they will come in handy for you next time! The table below shows the calculations for drink consumption


Type of drink

Required amount

    Any non-alcoholic        beverages

   For every 12 guests you need about 1  gallon


   1-liter bottle = (11) 6- ounce glasses


   1 gallon = (18) 1-cup servings


   If drinks require ice, then about 1 lb. per   person is needed


Now back to alcoholic beverages.

If you are inviting to your party bartender and drink caterers, leave the professionals to decide. Just tell them the number of guests and taste preferences, and everything will be prepared in the best possible way!

But, if you decide to work as the bartender at your party, then our advice is for you!



We will surprise you if we say that the "soft bar", in which only "light drinks" are served such as wine and beer, will cost you more! This is because, on average, 1 person gets drunk with 2-3 bottles of beer, about 5 people drink 1 bottle of wine and 15-18 people a bottle of liquor.



   750 ml bottle = (6) 4-ounce glasses


   750 ml bottle = (15 to 18) 1-ounce pours per bottle


   1 case = (24) 12 ounce servings


   750 ml bottle = (6) 4-ounce glasses



If it’s a company of mostly men who prefer wine, then order redder than white wine. A typical portion of the wine is from 4-5 ounces. For a more thorough selection of wine, we recommend using the following tips and for a dinner party:

• Wine before dinner - one to two servings

• White wine with lunch - two servings

• Red wine with lunch - two servings

• Dessert wine - one serving

How to choose wine for your feast we will tell you in more detail in the following articles! Follow us!

And remember, these tips are not a "magic formula" of calculation, but only designed to help you in the calculations. We wish you a successful and unforgettable party!

Your Cockktail

by Anna Potri