Some fresh ideas how to make a marriage propose

And so, you have already met your beloved, and are ready to  Propose. But you are still hesitant and do not know how to do it. Then Cockktail will help you and prompt a few new ideas!

First, observe the effect of surprise! The girl must remember the proposal of asking her hand and heart in marriage about which she will tell her friends!



1.       Ring with a box with butterflies. You can surprise and please your beloved fireworks from butterflies. Such butterflies you can buy in specialized stores. It's better if you give this box somewhere in an open place, in a park or a garden. At the bottom of a box with butterflies you need to put a ring and when the beloved opens the box, the butterflies will rush up! This will be an unforgettable gift for your chosen one!



2.      Knight on a white horse! Of course, we are all girls and little princesses and we all are still waiting for our princes. And therefore, it will be extraordinary and magical, if this proposal really does come from a  knight on a white horse. The horse can be found in the nearest equestrian sports club, and the knight's cloak and armor in the clothing rental shop.



3.    You can arrange a bride ride on the carriage, during which to make a romantic proposal of marriage. It will be nice to hide a pair of white pigeons, which you can then release together at will.



4.     If your beloved loves French cuisine, then you can invite her to spend an evening in a French restaurant, where you order champagne and oysters. Previously, you need to negotiate with the staff and hide the ring in one of the oysters.



5.   You can build from Bengal lights the phrase "Will you marry me?" under the window of your beloved. Then negotiate with friends who by your sign (call or SMS) will light the lights. In this case, you must be near the window with your beloved, where you can tell her the cherished words.



6.    You can present your favorite small aquarium with a goldfish. At the bottom of the aquarium, you need to put a small pirate chest with a ring. You need to ask the girl to make a wish and say that the fish will fulfill her desire and it will be in the chest. After the girl makes a wish - open the chest and get the ring. Just prepare a towel, the ring will be wet))



7.    Going to the picture gallery. For this idea, you will need the help of the director of the picture gallery. Order to make a picture (print on canvas) from your joint photo. Let it be your most romantic joint picture. Let them hang this picture, made in the form of a picture among other paintings, only so that it is not immediately visible. Ask the gallerist to give you a tour of the halls. Invite your girlfriend to the gallery. And when you get to your picture, let the gallerist say: "In this picture, two are depicted, which will become the most beautiful and loving couple!". Now it's your exit! Ask your beloved the most important question!


8.    Put your inflatable balls and a box with a ring in the trunk of your car. Ask the girl to get something out of the trunk. And when she opens the trunk and all the balls are taken off you should be near and on one knee asking her hands, she will not be able to refuse you!



9.      And the last idea, which seemed very original to us! Order, or if you can draw it yourself. This flipbook will be a very good reminder of your love for years to come!



Whatever you think up, remember, with the help of our service you can always find performers and create a party of your dreams. We wish you happiness and mutual love!

Your Cockktail.

by Anna Potri