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Adair Productions

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City: New York, NY, United States
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Video Production/Post-Production services and a state-of-the-art High Definition equipment package.

Many clients can envision the completed piece they need, but are looking for an experienced one-stop solution to bring all the elements together with professionalism.

Adair Productions maintains an extensive HD production package and complete editing suite in house, and can handle all phases of a project; from pre-production planning to marketing and distribution.

We currrently focus on High Definition Video production for presentation, broadcast, and direct delivery. You can also shoot and archive your High-def shoot and use Standard definition for your immediate needs at a moderate budget. We shoot HD at 24P, 30P, and 60P (including "overcranking" or true slow motion playback). SD is of course still alive and kicking, and we produce pristine NTSC output for DVD, broadcast etc. We still shoot some16mm film, mostly for specialized looks, although I can fake it pretty good these days with HD and some post. (so you can blow up my Krasnogorsky camera for less than my day rate, but I doubt you'll accomplish as much!)

Our extensive experience in fields like documentary, corporate presentation, industrial and consumer training, events and fictional work make us a logical source to collaborate with and delegate supervision at an early stage.

With our foray into the world of high-definition, we are eager to use the cinematic qualities for music videos, commercials and narrative projects desiring the film look. I'm a working consultant and self-professed expert in many aspects of the sometimes garbled world of HD. Keep an eye out for the authoritative blog in development.

We’ve learned that the time spent in pre-production, writing, researching, planning and budgeting can help make projects large and small go easier and come out better. However we are also available for many specific tasks, servicing filmmakers, production houses and agencies on a contract or freelance basis.

The principal of Adair Productions is Sean Adair, experienced and innovative producer, director, cameraman, editor. With over 15 years in the industry in a diversity of roles and productions, he brings technical prowess and creative expression to every project.

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Adair Productions maintains an extensive HD production package and complete editing suite in house, and can handle all phases of a project; from pre-production planning to marketing and distribution.

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