Frequency Asked Questions

Common Questions

How do I log into my Control Panel?

Go to this page: Then enter your Username and Password. Then click on the "Sign in" button. Then click on you Username and choose which function you need.

I forgot my username, my password, or both.

Go to this page: Then click "I forgot my password". Then enter your primary email address and click on the "Send" button. We Will email you your user name and new password.

How can I change my username and password?

Simply login to your Control Panel and click on the "User account" tab at the top of the page. You can update all of your key account information from this page.

What does it mean to choose a role and how can I change it?

“Choosing a role” means what role you choose as a site user. The organizer is a person who wants to organize a party. Clubber is the person who wants to attend the party. Vendor is a person who provides services. Simply login to your Control Panel and click on the "User account" tab at the top of the page. You can update all of your key account information from this page. After choosing a role, you will have the functionality for each role.

How do I delete my account?

To deactivate your account, you need to go to your "User account" and click on the button “Deactivate account”

What does the "Role" field on the registration page mean?

“Choosing a role” means what role you choose as a site user. The organizer is a person who wants to organize a party. Clubber is the person who wants to attend the party. Vendor is a person who provides services.

Can I change the role?

Yes. Simply login to your Control Panel and click on the "User account" tab at the top of the page.

Clubber Questions

How can I join the party?

Press the "FIND PARTY" button on the main page (dashboard) and use the search filter to find the appropriate location, category, genre of music a public party. You can go to the page of any party and see the details (description, scenario, conditions of visit). In the "Request for a party" form, write a greeting to the party organizer and press the Send button.

Once the organizer accepts your application, you will see the status "Approved" and receive a message from the system.

Vendor Questions

How can I register my services?

Just click on your avatar with the name in the main menu. In the menu that appears, click the "Vendor Profile" button.Fill out information about yourself as a vendor and add information about the service you provide. You can add the service using the button "Add service".

How can I find customers?

After you fill out your page with information about skills and about the services provided, it will be available in the search for party organizers. The organizer who is interested in your services will send you a request and you can agree on the price, time and other issues.

You also have the opportunity to find a party, and vendors who are interested in providing services for any of your requests . These parties will be reflected in your dashboard with the button "Make bid". You just click on this button, after which the organizer will be sent a bid. When the organizer decides, you will receive a notification.

In addition, the service will send you letters periodically when parties are been hosted and your field of service are in request.

How do I upload audio/video to my vendors page?

These files can be downloaded to any file storage (for example, Google Drive or Dropbox), and then insert a link to them in your Vendor profile.

The link will look much more beautiful in a shortened form ( - a free service for shortening links).

Organizer Questions

How can I organize my party?

You can have as many events as you want. To setup events, in your Control Panel on Dashboard, click the Details of Event page and "Details of Event" under the Edit Features column. Here you can enter information about your event to display on the website and to share and send invitation to your friends. Once you submit your event, it will appear at the page with an Edit button if you need to make changes and at the top of the page will be available the button "Create Party"f or you to submit additional events.

Can I set an entrance fee for my party?

Yes. You have the right to set any conditions for your party . This can be a fixed payment, free entry or conditional entries : clothing

For example, you can make free entry for girls in red swimsuits or for guys with a box of Coca-Cola. Do not limit your imagination and have fun :)

What are the steps for creating a party?

1.Create a "cover" party. That is, you make a description: specify the subject, place, date, price or condition for a visit, attach a banner and so on.
2.Making a list of services that will be provided at your party. It's like a plan from what your event will consist of.

For example, you want your party to take place in a rented country house with a pool, where a DJ will play, the animator will conduct fun contests for guests, and a delivery service for meals and drinks will serve royalty shrimps and martini. The list of services should include a place, DJ, animator and the delivery service. You can add as many services as you like.

3.Selection of vendors for each service from the above list.
4.Find the vendor you can either manually (go to the page with the filter and choose the appropriate option), or create an announcement and vendors will submit a bids for participation.
5.Publication of the party. If you create a public party, after the publication ,will be available to all users of the site. If it is private, only those to whom you send the link will see it.
6.Sending invitations and receiving guests. On the page of your published party there will be a link which you can send out to all your friends.

How can I accept or deny guests?

When the guest sends you a request to visit your party, you will have two buttons for making a decision "Approve" and "Reject". There you can send a message to the guest.

How do I book the vendor on Cockktail?

Booking a vendor on Cocktail is easy. You have 3 options for attracting vendors:

Manually search

After creating and saving the party, click the "Select vendors" button. In the window "Party services “ that opens, you create a list of services for which you will select vendors.

Click the "Add services" button and in a new window select the vendor search method: Find manually, then choose the type of service below and click "Save". Similarly, you can add any number of services.

Opposite to each service in the list, you click the "Find vendors" button and search for the vendor with a filter. Among the results, select the appropriate one and click the "Invite" button. Thus, the vendor will receive a notification and decide whether to accept your invitation or refuse.

Receive bids from Vendors

In the "party services " window, click the "Add service" button and in a new window select the way to select vendors: “Allow vendors to make bids”. Below choose the type of service and in the field "Describe any details and requirements" enter requirements or wishes for vendors that you need. Vendors that meet your criteria will receive notifications and will send you their bids for participation. You will only have to approve the application or reject.

Direct method

You must be registered on the site. Click the "Find vendor" button in the main menu. Enter the necessary criteria in the filter and press "Search". Among the results, choose the right one and send him a message.

Of cource you can use mix of the methods as well.

Can I promote my party?

Yes. To attract guests to your party our service Cocktail provides the opportunity to publish a party in the window of public events.

After the publication of your party, a link will be available on its page that you can send out to family members, friends, acquaintances and all to whom you wish.

What is meant by a public and private party?

A public party is when you publish an event on the service with the goal that you are joined by all those wishing for new acquaintances and fun pastimes. When you create a party, it will be published by default, no additional settings are required.

A private party means a closed event for your family, friends, partners (birthday, stag, corporate). To make the party non-public you need to install a checker in front of "Make Private" on the party description page.

What if I do not have a banner for the upcoming party?

Among the vendors registered on the service, there are designers. You can send them an order and they will make a beautiful banner that you and your guests will like.

You can also use the options from the site's gallery.

How can I make (adjust) the banner for the party under the 3 * 2 ratio?

To do this, use the simple and free service It is enough to load the banner there and press the "3 * 2" button and the "Aspect ratio" menu, on the main page. After that, you can change the display area of the banner and its size.

The button "Publish party" is not active.

Most likely, you have not yet indicated the address of the event or added the corresponding "venue" service. When the issue with the venue is resolved, the button will become active and you will be able to publish the party.

After the publication of the party in the section "Expected guests" began to appear avatars with names. Who are they and what should I do with them?

In the "Expected guests" section, users appear who saw your party on the site and wanted to be your guests. We recommend viewing their accounts.

When the guest sends you a request to visit your party, you will have two buttons for making a decision "Approve" and "Reject". There you can send a message to the guest.

Can I change the terms of the event after it has been published?

You can change the conditions until the moment you approve the first guest. In the future you can only cancel the event.

To cancel, you need to select this event on your dashboard, go to its page and click on the "Cancel Event" button. Notification of this decision will be sent to guests and vendors automatically.

Can I add more than one event?

Yes, you can have as many events as you want.

If I already have enough guests, how can I stop requests from guests?

On the page of your party, near the “Guest List” there is a button "Stop requests". After pressing it, the party will be no longer available for receiving requests from guests.

How I can remove photos or comments off Activity Feed?

To remove a comment, you will select the "trash can" symbol in the upper right hand corner of your comment or photo. As a guest, you can also remove your own comment or photo by selecting the "trash can" symbol.

How can I notify guests of a change?

You can send a private message to any guest, or on the page of the created party under the guest list write a message for all guests in the field: “Bulk message to all guests”.

Are the price quotes binding?

Yes you can bargain.

I've received several quotes. Do I need to reply to each vendor to indicate whether or not I'm interested?

Not necessary. But it will be a good tone if you correctly answer all the other vendors who wanted to participate in your party and bring their professionalism into it.

Who knows, maybe at the next party, you will need the services of those vendors that you refuse now.

My search yielded no results. Why ?

This means that for now, we do not have anyone available in the category and location that you selected. We recommend that you try another search for a similar category

Can I request a background check for a certain vendor?

Cockktail vendors are not required to complete background checks, so we do not permit clients to request them.