How to choose the right wine for a meal

A “Сockktail”  team will always help you to have a great party! Therefore, we offer you articles that will help you in organizing a party.

Have you already decided what kind of party you will have? This is fine, and it's time to start making a feast. Well, if you used the services of our vendors, which provide delivery of food and beverages. They can tell you the perfect combination. But, sometimes it is necessary to make a choice independently. Then you need our help.

And so, for starters, let's figure out what kind of wine to serve. This is it from the basic rules.

  • Before meals - serve aperitifs, which are designed to arouse appetite. Aperitifs include light white, pink, red dry wines, wines-specialties of short terms, the champagne of categories "brut" and "dry".

  • To the main course, serve dry, semi-dry, semisweet and seasoned wines.
  • After a meal - digestives, which contribute to better digestion of food.
  • These wines are strong wines long shelf life, sweet dessert and liqueur wines.
  • You probably heard the rule "white wine - for light meat, red for dark meat", let's see why.

Our tongue is able to distinguish several basic flavors: bitterness, sweetness, acid and salt. Like food, wine also has several flavors: acidity, sweetness and bitterness, the so-called tannins, which are inherent in red wines - the taste of bitter cherry. Typically, a high content of tannin in wines with a high alcohol content (13-15%).


When combined with food, you need to take into account that acidity helps to cope with fatty foods, sweet wines "round off" the taste, make it softer, and tannins are ideal for eating a lot of protein. In addition, consider that acidic and salty dishes suppress bitterness in wine. But sour wines reduce the salinity of food, so white wines with good acidity usually apply to seafood.

Next, we will offer you the most classic combination of wine and products:

  • White dry wine: vegetables, mushrooms, seafood
  • White semi-sweet: soft cheeses, chicken, fish, seafood, bread products (pizza, lavash, fondue)

  • Sweet white: soft and hard cheeses, sausages, desserts
  • Sparkling wines: fish, soft and hard cheeses, bread products, vegetables

  • Rosé wines: mushrooms, seafood, chicken
  • Red wine: hard cheeses, chicken, meat, sausages, mushrooms

  • Fortified red wine: sausages, meat, hard cheeses
  • Dessert wines: sausages, desserts, floury, soft cheeses.

We hope that our tips will help you make the evening unforgettable! 

Your Cockktail

by Anna Potri