"Great Gatsby" style Poolparty


Well, well, summer is in full swing and you need to arrange cool pool parties. We have already offered you articles with good ideas for a party in the pool. And this time we are reminding some cool movie parties. And what could be cooler than the movie "Great Gatsby" ?!


It's just a chic theme for parties. In the Gatsby style, weddings and cocktails, hen parties and formal receptions are arranged. But, the most cheerful is the Pool  Party!

What you need for this: Country mansion, a huge swimming pool and an orchestra with a music of the 30s and friends who know how to have fun!


The main component of the image of the 1920s is the obligatory elegance with a certain pretentiousness of the outfit and with a slight mixture of bohemianism. Be sure to prepare an invitation with a description of the dress code, ask the guests to show their imagination. Give them a hint.

Since it’s a  pool party, do not necessarily wear luxurious suits - it will be enough to have a luxurious swimsuit, stunning glasses and a "headband" in the hair for ladies. Men, it's nice to have swimming trunks and ... butterflies. This, of course, will decorate the image and add charm! It will not be bad if after the pool the guests will have the opportunity to change for dancing or, at least, to put on a robe with feathers.

So, let's start with the decor. Everything should be gorgeous! Not bad, if you place the screen with the projector near the pool and turn on the movie. Pictures from the movie will help guests enter the image. Feathers and flowers, pearls and diamonds are the main decorations of the Gatsby style.

Try to decorate the house in order to transfer guests to such an atmosphere. The red carpet can lead to the pool. Sunbeds can be covered with satin cloaks and decorated with bows.

Take care of the good light music. For the pool, it is better to buy or rent inflatable chairs. Just do not take inflatable ducks! This is absolutely not suitable for the Great Gatsby!

Necessarily - great music! Live music at the party will be an ideal option. The jazz orchestra, saxophonist, and grand piano will be able to convey the atmosphere of 20 years.

Musicians will perform incendiary compositions, and dance groups will make guests relax and follow their initiatives. A professional orchestra will not be so expensive if you order it through our website!

Champagne and Cocktails - that's what will be the main treat! It is best to invite a professional bartender. He will make your evening carefree and luxurious.

Of course, for men, you need to make cognac, brandy, and cigars. This will add charm.

Be sure to take care of the dishes. Glasses, plates, and cutlery - everything should remind you of the luxury of the bourgeois. Do not be zealous with the main dishes.

It will be enough to have a variety of snacks and fruits. But, remember that everything should be in the style of Gatsby - if snacks, then with caviar and seafood, if the fruit is only exotic!

Entertainment. Well, where without them? It is best to invite professional leaders, they always have a script ready. You can invite a magician or some kind of show with fire. All this will bring fun to the party. Good fit in the interior of different playing tables - roulette, poker, billiards.

Interesting entertainment of the Gatsby could be playing on the glasses. To do this, the glasses are installed on a flat surface, water is poured in and the fingers are wetted with a defatted liquid.

End the party should be a dazzling fireworks, ringing glasses and carrying a huge cake!

Well, if you prepare a photozone, where your guests can take pictures to remember the beautiful evening! And do not forget that you can find any vendors just on our website. Create a party, add the necessary services and the program takes care of everything for you!


Your Cockktail

by Anna Potri