How to create a great and fun filled party on Fourth of July - Independence Day in USA

Traditionally, everyone celebrates Independence Day with picnics and festivities in the park. You can go with friends to the parade, or you can arrange a barbecue party at home. According to statistics, about 70% of the population spend Independence Day having a barbecue. Therefore, our article will be devoted to the party at home. We will tell you some wonderful ideas to make the holiday creative and fun!

For starters, a few interesting facts about the Independence Day. July 4 - This is the most gluttonous holiday (probably, the accountants have forgotten Thanksgiving)! On this day, we drink the most beer, we spend 107 million dollars on fruit ice cream, we launch 15,000 favers, we spend 167 million dollars on sweet watermelons and eat 155 million hot dogs! There is even a record of eating Hot Dogs for 10 minutes! Joey Chestnut set that world record in 2013 when he ate 69 hot dogs at the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Of course, you know that the colors of the American flag on July 4 are white, red, blue. Therefore, all the decoration of the house the house would be worth it using these colors. Decorate your gazebo, patio, fences, and lanterns in patriotic outfits. Let your guests meet the flag-draped door.

The table must be decorated with flags, napkins, and glasses with American symbols. If intending dinner , the table can also be covered with a tablecloth with white-blue-red symbols. For decoration, inflatable balls of the necessary colors are perfect.

White tables and chairs, decorated with blue and red accents perfectly complement the festive decoration.

You can paint your lawn with a stencil and flour. Make a stencil of a star made of cardboard. Attach the stencil to the grass and sprinkle with flour. Then sprinkle with water. Wait until it is dry and white stars sparkle on the grass!

Ask your friends to be in patriotic dresses. Uncle Sam’s hats, glasses, T-shirts, scarves with patriotic prints will decorate your party. Fit a suit of freedom with a wreath on your head!

Traditionally, on July 4, they cook barbecue, hot dogs, apple pie. We will leave recipes for such sites with talks about recipes)). We are here to help you have fun, and not get fat! Well, seriously, there are a lot of catering companies that will bring you everything with pleasure. You will only have to enjoy delicious hamburgers! Such catering companies you can find on our site.

Well, let's have fun! Of course, the time will come when your guests will need entertainment, especially if your company has children. And we have prepared for you several ideas that are suitable for a summer festive evening.

Uncle Sam’s hat. If someone came without a dress - it's easy to fix. Prepare plastic or paper cups, cardboard, colored paper, stars, stripes, glitters, glue and scissors, markers and paints. You can pre-cook or buy not painted hats. Let your guests decorate these hats. And then you can make a hat parade, on which to choose the winner! Especially it should be pleasant to children.

Capture of the American flag. Players are divided into two teams under the blue and red flag. Players need to give out stickers of blue and red color, which they will have to glue on the opponent. On the fenced area players are blindfolded, turn them several times around themselves and then set the flag. The judge reads the beginning of the game. Players who are blindfolded must find the flag while neutralizing the «enemy» and sticking a sticker on him. If you are "killed" by a sticker, you go outside the field. If the sticker was pasted incorrectly to the player of the same team, both players are eliminated. The team that first finds the flag wins.

Launching kites. Prepare everything you need to decorate the kites. Let the guests give vent to their fantasies and decorate the kite. Then you need to arrange a competition to launch the kites. Of course, the winner of which the snakes will rise above all should get some kind of prize!

Attach the hat to Uncle Sam. This is a festive version of "Attach the donkey's tail" Only instead of the donkey - Uncle Sam and his hat.

White, red blue. Players alternately call the items of each color, if lost or failed to name the item - you drop out. The winner must be awarded a prize for attentiveness!

Prepare a quiz about American history. You can compete in groups, guessing the answers to questions. Do not forget about the prizes for the winning team. It can be small prizes or desserts with patriotic symbols.

Golf with inflatable balls. Inflate the balls in red, blue and white. Tie them all together. Divide the players into a red and a blue team. Now each team, in turn, makes a blow to the balls. The goal is to hit the opponent's ball. Loses that team, whose balls broke first. You can also play in the darts or the pins of national colors.

Prepare drums from used cans from coffee. Add toy tubes. Give out the commands and ask them to choose a famous song from Uncle Sam's hat (prepare in advance and write the names of the songs on the sheets of paper and put them in the hat). At which command it will turn out better - that and won! Give the players a delicious dessert. I think your neighbors will also like this concert!

Water battles. If the weather is hot, then you can play around with a little water pistols. Tie the line between the two trees. In a plastic cup, make a hole and put it on the line. Players become from two sides. Their task is to push the glass to the enemy with shots from a water pistol. Loses the team, from whose side the glass rests

If your house has a swimming pool, then a lot of water games that can be stylized for the celebration of Independence Day you can find on our website.

For adults, you can arrange competitions in the preparation of cocktails using ingredients only patriotic colors. After you can evaluate the cocktails to taste and determine the winner.

Flying mail. Make a box with a hole a little more than a frisbee. Decorate it with a patriotic drawing. Invite players, in turn, to throw their "letters" in the mailbox. You can play with teams. Then let each team have its own color. The team with the most colours in the “mailbox” wins

Night light show. Give the guests LED flashlights of different colors and tell them to draw a picture of the lamps, which must be surely captured in the photo. You can use Bengal lights.

Fireworks. Many families like to launch Fireworks. In his own yard. Some, even, arrange competitions. Remember, that the holiday was a joy, it is necessary to observe all safety rules. And better, all the same, to admire the city's Fireworks.

We hope that you will use our ideas and have fun!

Your Cocktail.

By Anna Potri