Pool Party Ideas - Hawaiian Luau

The most popular pool party themes it is a Hawaiian Luau and a word "Lu'au" means 'a feast'.

Take your guests on an evening getaway to the Aloha State!



What should you do for this? In first, it first you have decorated around a pool with tropical, bright, colors, bamboo accents and Hawaiian-themed accessories from a craft store.



In the Hawaiian culture, a lei is a necklace. Typically, they are made of real flowers and leaves, nuts, shells, silk flowers, or feathers. If you plan to welcome guests with leis, the most economical options would be are silk leis, shell leis, or nut leis.



Ask your guests to wear their most colorful Hawaiian print shirts.

Tropical flowers scattered across tables and the surface of the pool, Tiki torches provide your guests in the amazing warm evening.



Put luaus candles in real coconut shells or bamboo to place on the tables for an evening. Feel the sweet taste of flowers with the fragrance of Hawaii.


Surprise your guests with favorites Hawaiian Islands foods and beverages such as huli-huli chicken, chicken long rice, potato-mac salad, mai tais, kalua pig, mochiko chicken, teriyaki beef, haupia, mahi-mahi, mochi, laulau, shoyu chicken, lomilomi salmon, macadamia nut cream pie, and Blue Hawaiians.


General Tips for a Successful Pool Party

  • Provide a room for guests to change into their swimsuit and leave their clothes.
  • Warn visitors that they take towels and flip flops but store up some extra flip flops and towels for guests who forget their own.
  • For guests who prefer to relax in the shade provide some umbrellas.
  • Better for pool party is using a plastic 'glasses' for drinks.
  • Reserved by lots of inflatable pool toys so guests can have fun splashing about with them.

We wish you a great summer party! 

Your Cockktail

by Anna Potri