Some ideas for the Bachelore party

Well, all things said and done, you are going to have a wonderful and daring event as a wedding. Then you should definitely say good-bye to your bachelor days. It is on this day that the groom has the right to come off to the full! After all, at the wedding, he will have to be a boy, and after the wedding, he will become a man, a husband. That is why the stag party, is a symbol of farewell, will definitely be noisy, fun and unforgettable event. "Cockktail" is sure to help you with this!



First, let's define a few rules:

1.   Only friends are invited and preferably only from the groom.

2.   It is better to entrust the planning of the party to the groom's friends

3.   The choice of the place should be kept secret from the bride, but it is better to share with the bride the idea of the party. This will help avoid quarrels and quarrels before the wedding. After all, not every bride will like the idea of inviting a stripper.

4.   Be sure to give your favorite sign of attention and send her some symbolic token of attention. She should know that despite your absence you are with her always.

5.   Try to plan a bachelor party so that you still have a few days before the wedding, which will need to focus and attention for the last preparations. Ideally, it will be a party for a week or two before the wedding.

6.   Do not stage a  stag party in a place where there are so many strangers. Ideal option - rent a small club, nature or sauna.

4.   Let each of those present remember about the stag party. Have some trinket: cups, T-shirts with funny inscriptions or badges - it's like a trifle, but nice, which will remind you of this wonderful day.

5.   Remember, the party should be fun, and so that you do not then have to blush in front of your bride!

6.   It can be a friendly evening, organized by the groom and best man, or a feast with a show program and a toastmaster. With the help of our service, you can easily organize any option and invite any vendors.


And now some scenarios of the bachelor party. The idea is better to think in advance and carefully. The main moments of farewell to bachelorhood are traditional: fun, festivities, and bash. But everyone chooses the venue according to their taste:

1)  You can arrange an excellent dinner with a show program and invite an oriental beauty or stripper to perform their incendiary dances.

2).  A picnic or barbecue in the bosom of nature away from civilization will allow you to recall the times of scouts. On recreation bases for this, more comfortable conditions are provided, including billiards and a bar.

3)  Bowling, billiards, golf and darts - perfect for seeing off the last days.

4)  The pool party is a great idea to spend a fun day with friends. More detailed ideas for the party pool can be found on our website;

5)  If it's summer - you can go to the water park, where you can ride the roller coaster.

6)  You can arrange a get-together in a sauna or a bath to rinse off the groom with hot water from the remnants of his bachelor's recklessness;

7)  For amateurs, we can advise a hike in nature, fishing or hunting with friends, so that sitting on the river bank tell anecdotes about your mother in law; Also, you can arrange a walk on a yacht with fishing in the sea or the ocean.

8)  If your wedding is in the winter and enough snow - you can arrange snow battles with the construction of locks. And at the end, you can go to a cafe where you can get warm with hot drinks and dances.

9)  In winter, you can also go snowboarding or skiing.

10)  It is also fun to hold a holiday at the skating rink by playing with hockey.

11)  A very good opportunity to remember a carefree baby time. In general, any team games - football, volleyball basketball, will be a good idea for a sports groom. With a good organization, this pastime will be pleasing even for the not sports friends. It is necessary in advance to take care of renting a playground, inventory, uniforms and prizes. To feel like a team is a great start to a bachelor party. If only the guests did not forget who the captain of the team is today!

12)  The stag party in incendiary Latin style, with hot Latin dancers of bachata and Zumba for Latin music and cocktails, will always be remembered by sultry rhythms. However, do not cross the border, so as not to spoil your most wonderful upcoming event of life. More detailed description of the idea of Mexican, pirate, Latin and other thematic parties you can search on our website.

13)   Night of nightmares. If there are fear rooms near you - it's a very fun option to spend an evening with friends for thrill-seekers. You can arrange a movie theater with a horror view, where alcohol-heated ones can scare each other with stories about a terrible family life.

14)  For fans of extreme can come up and such ideas for the last bachelor day. A parachute jump in the company of friends can also symbolize a leap into a new life. Also, you might like scuba diving. Even if this pleasure is not cheap - you still have to do something crazy and memorable!

15)  Karting and motorcycle racing is also a great way to have fun.

16)  Playing paintball or airsoft, definitely, will be an unforgettable entertainment for your guests!

17)  It is possible that you will like to walk with friends. You can go away from the city bustle, where to have a fun picnic. Although it is possible to arrange a real bike race with the participation of fine cheerleaders and merry prizes and celebration of the end.

18)  Also, you can enjoy horseback riding. Rolling on horses can periodically arrange halts and snack. Just do not overdo it with alcohol, the horse is an animal and it may not like it. If you are already remotely confident riders, then you can arrange a championship or a game of polo.

19)  Rampant Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Bali - after all, who said that the stag party should be within a radius of a few kilometers from home? Leaving for a bachelor party for several days, the groom and his companions are guaranteed not to catch sight of the bride in an unattractive manner. And certainly, will have time to go through much more adventure! Casino, Cabaret, coffee shops or bars on the beach are just the tip of the iceberg of possible entertainment.

20)  The spa and massage parlor are more suitable for the second day of the party, to relax and prepare the groom for the wedding;

21)  To fulfill the groom's childhood dream is a great gift idea from friends. Even if now the dream seems ridiculous or ridiculous! He always wanted to become a music performer or a DJ? Give him a  day in the recording studio.

  • Thinking he would grow up and become a captain? Go to the nearest yacht club. Wandered in boxing, but went to solfeggio? So, forward to the ring. Your task is to hint at friends in time, the rest they will arrange themselves.

We offered you several options for holding a bachelor party and we hope you will find your perfect option! Remember that on our website you can always organize a party yourself, pick up a room, entertainment and vendors! We are always happy to help you!

Your Cockktail.

by Anna Potri