Asian party theme

If you want to take your guests to these exotic locations, you can get inspiration and ideas from several Asian countries. You can take some decoration or ideas from Seoul, Hanoi, Bangkok, and Tokyo. If you’re not sure how to begin your Asian party planning, we prepared are some great ideas you can use to plan out the excellent Asian party that your guests will find exhilaration and exciting.


  • Give your guests a little announcement of your party with invitations that go along with your Asian theme.
  • Type your invitation to a long strip of paper and paste it into fortune cookies. Send it by mail in a small box.

  • Use red cardstock and an Oriental-style font for your invitation Add Asian themed clip art.
  • Put a paper cocktail umbrella for your invitation.
  • Instigate guests to be dressed in Asian attire, let them choose the type of Asian costumes they want to dress up in.


The décor for Asian parties can be very varied.  Some of the popular colors for your décor color palette comprise red, black, orange, yellow, white, blue and green. Choose a couple of these colors to decorate the venue.


  • You can add some adorn to your party with Oriental fan, fan, cutouts, kimonos, Sakura, dolls, paper lanterns vases etc.
  • One perfect decorating idea is to create a pagoda or temple shape from cardboard. Paint it gold or red and then hang it to the doorway where guests will be entering the fests.

  • Remodel the room by covering the walls with Asian fabric or gossamer.
  • Create a photo collage with Asian theme- nature view, Sakura, bamboo, Fuji or pagoda.
  • Put Asian paper lanterns around the area and they’ll especially look magically if your party will be holding the outdoors in the evening.

  • Put to your tables paper parasols and hand fans it definitely adds Asian inspiration.
  • Bonsai trees and vases full of cherry blossoms also will add to the ambiance.
  • You can create a Zen feeling with some lovely tabletop fountains placed throughout your garden or party area.



  • The best solution for this type of party is that you can easily use takeout menus from your favorite Asian-style restaurants to cater your party.

  • Serve food to guests from bamboo or lacquered trays. For sit-down dinners, place card and décor and paint names of your guests on the handles of hand fans.
  • Sure, if you are like to cook, you can also make up the party foods on your own. Is many Asian themed foods are easy to make. You may cook or order some sushi or rolls. For the sides, egg rolls, spring rolls, white rice, fried rice, lo mien and crab poppers are tasty options. For the main course, excellent a dish like beef fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, orange chicken, Mongolian beef or sweet and sour pork.

  • Propose a Sake for your guests (rice wine, slightly warmed).
  • For a finish, give honey cakes and fortune cookies on hand for guests to enjoy. Place fortune cookies in a big bowl full of them for guests to take or put at each guests seat.


Your Asian theme party should have some interesting games and activities to keep guests having fun and entertaining.

  • ORIGAMI CRAFTS.  One of an exciting idea is offering some origami crafts and guests will enjoy making something that they can take home with them. Guests are sure to enjoy watching these antique Asian arts being demonstrated.

  • THEME MOVIE.  Prepare for party a movie combinate with an Asian locale such as “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “Teahouse of the August Moon”,  “Lost in Translation”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “The Karate Kid”,“The Last Samurai” or “Eat Drink Man Woman”.

  • CHOPSTICK PICK-UP.  Test your guests’ dexterity. Put on a table some marshmallows or a single grain of rice. Give guests own chopsticks and have them take turns seeing who can pick up the most numbers in one minute.

  • Research how to write in Japanese or Chinese words like “Happiness”, “Love”, “Good Fortune” and “Prosperity”.  Give to your guests a paper, brush, and ink and propose them duplicate the writing.

Your Cokktail

by Anna Potri