Caramba!! Pirate Party Theme

Pirate Party Theme

A cheerful pirate coven, fair wind on sails and a hold full of treasures is something that beckons us all when we do travel. For this, it is not necessary to go far away, all this can be organized at home. The main thing -  imagination ,imagination! And our advice will help you with this.


The ideal place for a pirate party will be a house with a swimming pool. But, if you have only an apartment at your disposal, do not worry - there will be enough space for all guests on your ship!

The decoration of your holiday can be anything using the sea theme: pirate flags, ropes tied in knots, lanterns, chests with "gold coins", barrels and artificial palm trees with parrots. Well if you have compasses, telescopes, anchors and lifebuoys. But, if not, you can print it all out on the printer and stick it on the cardboard.

The walls can be decorated with marine networks, on which to attach fish, sea stars and skates. It will be advisable to remove things that are not  appropriate to the theme used from the things in the house is better to remove, and if not possible  -  seal with posters with ships and seascapes. Attach strips of fabric to the ceiling - they will mimic sails.

 There are various items you can buy to fulfill your chosen theme : plastic utensils, swords, flags, ships and lanterns. We think you can easily find them suitable.

Instead of tables and chairs you can use barrels and boxes. Also, they can decompose the treats. Be sure to use candles! They can be placed in a bowl decorated with sand and seashells .. Well, if you have old bottles or pipes. Candles can be attached to bottles or tubes.

For such a party is best suitable for rough wooden furniture or rattan furniture. But, you can simply drape your armchairs with a cloth with anchors or stripes, a grid, it looks like a fish net or a tan of red or black flowers.

If you decide to make a pirate Halloween party, do not skimp on skeletons, spider webs, gravestones, crosses. Several bats and sea monsters also do not interfere. All this can also be easily printed and pasted onto cardboard.

If you are organizing a pirate party on the street or near the pool, you can make a sham ship, which will serve as a photon. Place inflatable palms around the pool. On sale there are stylized under the pirate theme of inflatable mattresses and circles.


  • Invitations should be appropriate to the topic. Think pirate nicknames for your guests, and invite them to the schooner, which also come up with a pirated name.
  • For an invitation, an aged paper or a scroll hidden in a sealed bottle decorated with seashells is fine.

  • A boat made of paper, the sail of which says an invitation
  • A pirate card, on which the place and time of the party will be encrypted. Just do not overdo it with encryption, and then some guests will not come to the party!
  • Miniature paper chests with an invitation. It's good if you add a few chocolate coins to it.
  • Pirate black mark - a card (you can print it), on which the invitation is written.


  • Ask your guests to prepare costumes for the party, because it's not so difficult. Sea vest, shirts with wide collars and short trousers breeches. Ladies can be in chic dresses or in dresses of girls from port taverns!

  • Perhaps the most important here are the accessories:
  • Cervical and head scarves.
  • Hats, bandanas, cocked hat
  • Bracelets, huge stylized rings, earrings and pendants with various beads, mascots and fences from skins, bones of beads and fabric.
  • Saber, knife or pistols. Ask them for their children or buy at a children's store.
  • Overhanging a shoulder, a watch on a chain, a telescope, or a jar.

  • Smoking and snuff box.
  • Parrot or monkey on the shoulder.
  • A wide leather belt with a large buckle, a sash from a wide scarf, can be fringed.
  • Eye bandage, beard and mustache.

Menu and table layout

For a pirate party is best suited buffet menu, with canapés in the form of boats decorated with sails from slices of something tasty. Snacks can be placed in chests, decorated with flags, anchors, steering wheels. Beer from barrels, or stylized bottles of something stronger. Bottles can be aged in advance, glue on them ropes, shells.

But, if you have a dinner planned, then it will be appropriate to have a beautiful serving with silver cutlery, cups and glassware made of silver.These will be appropriate globe with drinks.

Buy ice molds in the form of skulls, bones, fish, boats, anchors.



  • Of course, the search for treasure. If you are allowed a place, make a quest for guests with a treasure hunt. Guests can get a piece of the map together with an invitation. When guests fold all map, they find the way to the gifts. The map can be "lost", let guests during the evening guess the puzzles and approach the place where the map is hidden.
  • Test the dexterity of pirates: spear-darts into a target, rings on hooks suspended on a shield; From the bow arrows suckers into the prey, throw the lasso on the mops in the bucket (to the mop glue the fake head of the horse);

  • If it takes place in the pool, you can arrange maritime battles and competitions for the best mooring.
  • Diving for treasure. In the pool drowning a few interesting gizmos and players should collect as much as possible from the bottom.
  • Treasure Hunt. In the chest or pelvis pour sand and bury any shiny nonsense - beads, glass, coins. Players should, for a certain period of time, find as much as possible a teaspoon or Chinese chopsticks
  • Make paper boats with sails, let the teams or individual players blow into sails and drive the boat to victory!
  • To decouple the speed of the sea knots;

  • Pulling the rope;
  • "laundering the deck". We divide the room with an adhesive tape in half. On both sides we throw balls and crumpled paper. Two teams get mops and begin to scrub their part of the deck, trying to throw "garbage" on the side of the enemy. A minute later we check who's "deck" is cleaner. "
  • guessing puzzles on the sea and pirate theme;
  • decipher pirated slang (phrases, turns, swear words);
  • "Find the eye of a pirate". Prepared spaghetti, filled with sauce, you can jelly or mayonnaise. Small objects and one glass eye are hiding in this storm. Covered with a cloth and the player must find the eye for a touch.
  • Crossing. Two captains ask you to hold the rope from different ends above the head. On the same trajectory lay the rope on the floor - it will be a bridge. Now both teams in turn will cross the bridge, holding on to the top rope, which the captains must swing heavily from side to side - the wind after all!

As a result of the games, individual players and teams can be rewarded. We hope you will remember this party for a long time to your guests!

Your Cockktail

by Anna Potri