Three great themes for the party pool

Our team "Cockktail" is always ready to help you and give you interesting scenarios for your party. Today we will offer you three scenarios of an unforgettable party pool!

the 50's Pool Party

Place plastic armchairs and chairs around your pool. Balloons are the main decoration of those years!

Be sure to make a playlist of 50's music. Offer your guests plastic colored glasses and hats to give the appropriate atmosphere.

Decorate the tables with pieces of fondue. This can be bread, sausages, pieces of meat or fish. You can make chocolate fondue with fruit.

For too hungry guests, offer hamburgers and French fries. For drinks, the best brewing in the retro era will be a cocktail. A lot of cocktails, because it was the era of cocktails! And do not forget about non-alcoholic milkshakes!

1950s Games

In the 50's, it was customary to entertain with games, so there are a lot of them, just a few of them:

  • Name that Tune

  • Bubble-gum blowing contest

  • Limbo Contest

  • Name that 1950s TV Show

  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey

  • Twist

  • Hula Hoop Contest

  • Trivia Questions about the 1950s

Vegas Pool Night

Transfer your guests to the hot night of Las Vegas.

Decorate your pool with neon advertising and glowing lights. Pamper guests with a chic Vegas-style buffet. On the table should be a large number of different snacks.

    And don`t forget cocktails!

Set up gaming tables, prepare roulette, cards, and other casino games. Prepare chips that the guests can then exchange for some prizes. To raise the excitement, put the prizes on a separate table, and indicate the price of the prize in the chips.

To play in the water (after all, we are having a pool party), you can find big inflatable dice, and come up with a game in the pool.

Do not forget to build a photo zone for the guests, because it will be nice to make a photo to remember the great win!


Movie Night at the Pool

If you like quiet gatherings with friends, you can arrange a wonderful movie night. Just take the projector for hire, the screen can serve as a wall of your house or a sheet, rigidly fixed. Set around the pool sunbeds, inflatable armchairs, and mattresses, pillows.

Do not forget the ever present theater snack: popcorn, cookies, and soda.

You can do it in a personal box, in which you will add treats for each guest. But, you can also have a  popcorn bar, where everyone can choose a treat. As an invitation, send your guests tickets with which they will have to come to a party. To decorate a party, you can make a poster and some details from the scenery for a film.

Your Cockktail

by Anna Potri